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Actual Installer 8.5

Create installation programs for your Windows applications

Never has the phrase “last but not least” made more sense. Installation programs are one of the last files in any software development project, but that doesn’t make it the least important. Actually, the setup file will be the first contact clients will have with your software product, and first impressions do matter. Now, you can create an installation program the hard way by coding your own setup file or you can use Actual Installer to produce state-of-the-art distributives in an easy and intuitive way and with no learning curve. This program not only packs all the required files in a neat executable file, but it also allows you to define the look of the installation wizard itself and how it will interact with the user who launched it and the system it is running on.

Promoting your software products and giving the right first impression begins with the installation of the package. From simple setup files that simply unpack the necessary data and saves it in a given folder (also known as “silent installations”) to full-featured wizards with license agreements, readme files, language selection, shortcuts, etc., Actual Installer is a multi-purpose professional tool suitable for all kind of developers, regardless of how savvy you are when it comes to creating installers.

The entire creation process couldn’t be simpler. The program starts up as a wizard, where you select the executable file and some basic information about the version number, the product name, and the company name and website. From then on, Actual Installer opens a more standard interface with a neat tree-like and tab-based structure. While some may miss a more wizard-based interface, I do prefer an interface where you can move from tab to tab or from branch to branch of the tree menu in a more straightforward way than moving backward and forwards to add new options to our setup file.

The possibilities are endless. You can add shortcuts and icons, license agreements and readme files, registry modifications, INI files, uninstallation options, file associations, environment variables, and even integrate this tool with Actual Updater, a sibling free utility that will send a warning to your clients whenever a new version has come up. You can define the various Windows versions that app to be installed is compatible with, as well as any requirements or prerequisites, are needed for the installation to succeed (admin privileges, an active Internet connection, or any third-party tool that needs to be installed on the client’s system beforehand). You can create multi-language installers and choose the looks of the new wizard between a Classic and a Modern template, and – what is more – preview it at any time. You can pack up your distributives as a one-file installer for download or as a full set of files and folders plus an autorun file for disc-based distribution.

Actual Installer not only makes the entire setup file creation process much easier, it guarantees a professional-looking product that will add to your branding and promotion efforts.

Francisco Martínez
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Review summary


  • Requires no learning curve
  • Tree-like menu for easy project setup
  • Installer preview
  • Compatible with Actual Updater
  • Projects can be saved and edited or reused later
  • Suitable for both 32- and 64-bit installers


  • Limited choice of wizard templates
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